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Our People

Like the lone kid who loves the library, we’re happy being different.

Business or sport: the most effective teams are close-knit units. At Holdens, we’re closer than most for one simple reason.

Our agency is built on family spirit.

Between them the founders of Holdens, Peter, Ted and Olly Holden have over 70 years of advertising and marketing experience.

Mix in a load of young turks and a few old buggers, and what do you get? A fizzing creative culture. A primordial ideas soup. One that creates amazing brand experiences – guided by insight and strategy – that will work wonders for your business.

Does our way of working sound good?

Being a welcoming bunch, we’ve pulled together a special team at Holdens. As we continue to grow, new opportunities open up. And while we’re rather choosy about who we take on, we’re happy to look over your portfolio or CV. If we love what we see… who knows?

Send your portfolio or CV to hello@holdensagency.com

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Finance Manager

Looking for effective brand experiences that are refreshingly different?

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