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City Students’ Union | City University London

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The brand challenge.
The Students’ Union at City University, London, has spirit. Though they had successfully fought for their students’ rights on numerous occasions, they also faced a glut of branding issues.

Poster ‘overload’ around campus meant the Union’s communications were being swamped by those from a multitude of other organisations. A lack of clear, succinct messaging was leading to little unity in what was being sent out.

Beyond the traditional poster / flyer approach, the Union was struggling to spread its message to a diverse membership online, with a website that failed to deliver the ideal user experience or convey what the brand stood for.

Following the acquisition of a new space to act as a hub for its members, the Union had the opportunity of creating something special.

Defending their students.
It immediately became apparent that the Union needed a clear, simple way of distinguishing itself. More, we felt that the resolute way they acted for City students should be reflected in the brand across print and online.

Having agreed the name should be shortened to City Student Union, we set about creating a versatile, striking, social-media-friendly logo. The curling C with diagonal strut is based on a cornu, an ancient Roman brass instrument used to direct troops. For the graphic elements, inspiration was taken from flags, long used to celebrate identity and show respect.

The brand guidelines also encompass start and end frames for videos, signage for around campus and pull-up banners.

Tasked with building a website within the existing MSL platform due to its voting functionality, we went one step further and built an interactive online hub that serves the student community and acts as an extension of the physical space; designed with the user journey front of mind in order to improve the experience for all users.

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