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Which Way?

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The brand challenge.
Despite young men being more likely to enter the criminal justice system, there has been a lack of resources for tackling the issues that can lead them there – especially gang-related ones.

Keenly aware of the situation, an educational programme was developed with the assistance of Greater Manchester Police and Positive Steps Youth Justice Service. We were tasked with creating a brand identity for the programme, and developing a learning resource to help educate 11 to 18-year-old males in areas such as substance abuse, organised crime and child sexual exploitation.

Steering young men clear of crime.
In order to create a brand that would resonate with young people and local stakeholders, we held a series of immersive workshops to get their views. From talking to offenders, it was clear that the path to a life of crime was extremely complex and different for everyone.

We decided on the name ‘Which Way?’ as it reflects the multitude of choices that young people make that may ultimately lead them to enter the criminal justice system. The ‘W’ logo provides a simple yet strong identity for the brand across print and online, but is discreet enough to make learners feel safe; it also changes shape depending on the situation in which it’s used.

With the help of Oldham Coliseum Theatre, the Youth Offending Team shot a hard-hitting short film on the streets of north Manchester. Our video production team then edited the video to include pause points in various places; this prompts the practitioner to begin discussion and gives young people time to digest what they have seen and empathise with the characters.

As part of the brand activation, we designed a full suite of printed materials including lesson plans, leave behinds and a comprehensive practitioners’ support toolkit to assist professionals who work with young males to get the message across. Branded USB pen drives also supplement the printed materials with electronic versions.

Making a difference to young lives.
Having secured a presentation slot at the National Youth Justice Conference, it was agreed that this was the ideal time and place to launch the Which Way? brand.

We got to work on creating a short video that would sell the benefits of the programme to a B2B audience in an engaging and concise way; hearing the words spoken by a perpetrator was more effective at driving home the message than a standard Powerpoint presentation. The immediate feedback from delegates was overwhelmingly positive.

Following the conference, Which Way? has already been commissioned by 23 youth justice organisations in the region. The programme has also met with considerable success in the areas where it’s been piloted. Now supported by a well-designed package of print and digital materials, it’s being rolled out on a much wider basis - with the aim of taking it nationwide.

Holdens GMP Which Way? Video Presentation V2

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