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Social Media

We create social media strategies proven to improve your bottom line.

Developing an effective social media strategy takes significant time and effort. It has to be commercially-driven, insight-led, and most importantly, tailored for your audience. It also demands honest answers to some pretty difficult questions about your brand. But when it’s firing on all cylinders, social media can deliver truly astonishing results.

We put people at the heart of your brand experience on social media.

Social media isn’t just about having a presence: it’s about building engaged communities around your brand; it’s about triggering emotional reactions that compel your customers to take action. In order to make this happen, we obsess over how your audience thinks and feels. We put ourselves in their shoes and experience the world through their eyes.

What can we do for you?

Social media strategy

We work closely with brands to build social media strategies from the ground up or to take what they’re doing already to the next level. Either way, our approach is always the same. Clear business objectives, audience insights and performance data all aligned to form a strategy that generates measurable results, not just meaningless noise.

Audience and persona profiling

Without knowing who your audience is, social media becomes a bit like chatting to a stranger in the dark with headphones on. We immerse ourselves in your brand and get to know what your customers look like, how they talk, even what they had for breakfast. Only then can we begin to understand what makes your customers tick on an emotional level.

Social monitoring and listening

People are talking about your brand on social media whether you like it or not so it pays to engage them in conversation. But like all good conversations, it requires you to listen as well as talk; do it right and you could convert them into loyal customers. We’ve got the latest tools to help you understand what people are saying about your brand in real time.

Content creation

Social media is an extremely crowded place and customers will only engage with your content if it’s relevant, relatable and emotional. It also needs to capture the imagination, not just attention. From short and long-form video to a simple well-executed tweet, we create content for all channels that delivers the best possible brand experience on social media.

Here’s some examples of the types of content we can create:

  • Adverts and remarketing
  • AMAs and takeovers
  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • Company / industry news
  • Contests and competitions
  • Facebook Canvas
  • Games and interactive content
  • GIFs and cinemagraphs
  • Infographics
  • Listicles
  • Live event coverage
  • Live tweeting
  • Live video – Facebook / Periscope
  • Memes
  • Product and promo video
  • Product images
  • Photoshopped images
  • Podcasts
  • Quizzes
  • Short and long-form video
  • Snapchat takeovers
  • Twitter Cards
  • Twitter Moments
  • Vlogs

Influencer outreach

Getting your product into the hands of influencers is easy but people are quick to see through phony brand endorsements. Through extensive research and time-staking interactions, we’ll identify the right influencers for your brand and build long-term relationships to turn them into loyal advocates. Think more product partnerships than product placements.

These are the types of influencers we can reach out to:

  • Analysts
  • Bloggers
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Business leaders
  • Celebrities
  • Journalists
  • Loyal customers
  • Product reviewers
  • Thought leaders
  • YouTube stars

Community management

The days when customers would only pick up a phone to get in touch are long gone. Social media is 24/7 and customers no longer expect an instant response, they demand it. From Fabric and Gnip integration to Facebook Messenger bots, we’ll manage your channels around the clock and ensure your customer service is second to none.

Paid social and programmatic

Advertising on social media offers a wealth of opportunities to reach new and existing customers. And with tools such as Facebook’s Power Editor, we can now do this with laser-targeted precision. By incorporating paid social strategy and programmatic to complement your organic activity, we’ll blow you away with ROI-driven results.

Social media training

By its very nature, social media is a public space and the way your employees act or behave while representing your brand is crucial for maintaining a positive image. Whether it’s staff using their personal profiles or managing internal social media accounts, we’ll train them to embrace it and learn how to utilise it for the good of the business.

How do we work with you?

Our approach to developing your social media strategy is founded on five key principles:

Aims – Outline business objectives and agree on commercial aims for the social media strategy
Audit – Review current activity to identify areas for improvement and benchmark performance
Audience – Identify who your customers are, the channels they use and content habits
Action – Create an action plan based on the above with ongoing reporting and optimisation
Analytics – Constantly monitor activity and refine the strategy accordingly

The five A’s that make up our approach to social media strategy are brought to life in six stages.

1 / Research & Insight

We’ll advise you on everything happening in this rapidly evolving industry, from key trends, new technology and emerging gaps in the market. We’ll get to know you, your objectives, and your audience. We immerse ourselves in your world to ensure our social media strategy is a true reflection of your brand.

2 / Strategy & Planning

Social media offers infinite possibilities so we’ll work closely with you to formulate a multi-channel social media strategy and content plan. We’ll ensure the strategy is tailored to your commercial objectives and KPIs, to be delivered on the right channels, to the right audience, in the right way.

3 / Technology & Production

From social listening and monitoring tools to APIs and the very latest motion graphics software, we’ll choose the right technology and production techniques to suit your strategy and deliver the highest quality content your budget allows.

4 / Creative & Content

Drawing on our team’s diverse set of skills and experience, the content we create is a true meeting of art and science. From short and long-form video to detailed infographics, you’ll get to review the content at all stages of development and our agile approach to content production allows for additions and changes as you see fit.

5 / Implementation & Management

Our in-house digital marketing team covers concept creation, content design, coding, delivery and implementation. Whether it’s talking to middle managers on LinkedIn or millennials on Snapchat, we’ll ensure your content is seen by your target market, through the right channels, to generate the greatest ROI.

6 / Optimisation & ROI

We collect and analyse data, and give you straightforward reports on effectiveness that directly informs future activity optimisation. For instance, we can create a Facebook advert, A/B test it, then tweak images, copy and the call to action to optimise its performance in real time. It means our approach is focused on creating brand communications that drive the highest engagement, optimum yields and measurable results.

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Services Include

  • Research and Insight
  • Strategy and Activity Planning
  • Guidelines & Training
  • Community Building
  • Creative Content
  • Organic Social Management
  • Paid Social Management
  • Reports, Analysis and ROI

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